Tipping Competition


The RULES will be as follows:


1. Payment is $35.00, which must be received by round 3.


2. Tips must be in by 5pm on the Friday before each round begins.

In the event of a mid-week game they must be received the day of the game.


3. The prizes will be split at the end of the season as follows:

1st Place: 60% of pool

2d Place: 25% of pool

3rd Place: 15% of pool


4. In the event of a tie, prize money for places will be split amongst the winners (i.e. Two tie for first, 1st ad 2nd prize money split between them).


5. There will be a $10.00 jackpot per week for those who pick eight (8) winners.

Dividends less than $10.00 will not be paid and jackpot to next week. In the event of there being no winner for the jackpot in the last week, the remaining funds will go to the competitor(s) with the highest number of winners for the round.


6. In the event of a drawn game, the draw will be counted as a win and added to your total, you are still eligible for the jackpot.


7. If tips are not received by the above mentioned time, then as a default, you will receive the lowest score for that round.


8. More than one entry from each individual will be accepted.


So join in the Happy Tipping today.


Chris Doyle

Footy Tipping Manager